I help you live a healthy life, kick out chronic diseases, enjoy everyday life while building the wealth life you desire

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5 Steps To Reverse Diabetes Naturally

How can a doctor possible say one can reverse Diabetes?……..
Let’s start from the very beginning. If you know me, then you will know I’m all about preventing the development of chronic diseases than curing it or treating it. It’s way easier to live life without chronic disease than to treat it or cure it……..

what is autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicate, relates to other people around them

The Importance of visual support in Autism

Visual support for the autistic makes communication easier,  consistent and physical rather than spoken words which are usually inconsistent.
Like short videos, photography

Esther Udotai

hi there

Dr. Esther Udotai here and I want to welcome you to my world

My greatest desire is for you to live a well balanced and fulfilled life in all areas. But I’m more passionate to help you; live healthy and lose weight and be free from chronic illness as love yourself and feel confident in your body.



Dr Esther is amazing. I have watched her grow into a lady with passion to help people have an amazing life. Her methods are wholistic. If you are considering been coached by her, you are in good hands
Unyime Udotai
Unyime Udotai
CEO SmileHome Nig
Dr Esther is relentless and focus. She also givess that approach to her work, you can trust her.
Iniabasi ekpenyong
Iniabasi Ekpenyong
Co-Founder Fettle Group
Dr Esther knows how to work you through to a better health and builds your self esteem while giving you a wholistic health
Sheshi Nurse
Dr Esther has subtly but assuredly helped me live guilt-free and always teach me to enjoy my everyday life. Her methods are amazing
Victoria Francis
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