How well have you been maximizing this one ingredient?

Activated charcoal is one ingredient that is cheap and safe to use with various benefits.

What is Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal also called Activated Carbon is process carbon gotten from  slow heating of carbon containing wood like Coconut Shell, Bamboo trees, peas and treated with oxygen.

It is not gotten from the residue of your regular cooking charcoal.

The process of heating and oxidizing gives it a porous surface that contains negative electrical charges allowing it to bind to positive electrical charges of toxins and dirt.

Activated Charcoal is a safe natural treatment ingredient that every home should have.

Top 7 Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

This ingredient can be used both internally and eternally.


  1. For Beauty Skin

Activated Charcoal is a beauty wonder on the skin. Our pores are always exposed to dirt from our environment which mixes with oil from our skin resulting to different skin damages.
When Activated Charcoal is used in its powder or soap form, it attracts the toxins from the pores, flush it down the drain leaving your skin fresh.

  • Useful for people with oily skin.
  • Helps to treat acne on the face. It can be applied as mask or use the soap continuously
  • Can be used as a spot remover
How To Apply Activated Charcoal Mask
Add one capsule of Activated Charcoal plus 2 teaspoon of aloe vera gel, allow it to dry, rinse off completely with soap.
Caution : For the mask and powder form, apply 2-3 times a week on skin as it causes skin dryness in excess

For Skin Healing 

Activated charcoal speeds up skin healing when applied topically in cases of bee sting, snake bite and other insect sting. It’s also useful in domestic cut, scratches from fall etc.
It absorbs the venom from the sting or bite as well as brings down the swelling and lessens the pain from the bites, cut or sting.
Apply the Powder form as a paste on the affected area, use an activated charcoal soap to wash it off .

For Dazzling Hair :

This is one amazing ingredient for treatment of dandruff, redness and itching in the hair. With the same effect of attracting the dirt and the toxins from the hair, it leaves the hair fresh and dirt free.
It does not disrupt the texture of the hair and should not be used too often to avoid scalp dryness

  • For Shining Teeth

Do you have stains on your teeth from frequent coffee, berries or infrequent brushing that leads to plaque formation. Activated Charcoal is very useful to whiten the teeth, it absorbs the plague and tiny stains on your teeth while maintaining good oral health and preventing cavitation

How To Apply It
Apply the powder activated charcoal on a wet toothbrush, brush your teeth gently, paying close attention to the areas with the stains and plaque. Rinse your tooth well.
Apply 2-3 weekly, stop if you notice any sensitivity

For Internal use :

Useful to treat Ingested Poison

In the emergency unit, there has been good recovery rate from food or heavy metal poisoning with activated charcoal. With its principles of binding to toxins and flushing it out. Its effective in treating poisonings like:

  • In cases of ingestion of pesticide like mercury, fertilizer, bleach, activated charcoal helps to eliminate it from the body.
  • It can be used as an antidote in cases of overdose, accidental or intentional use of pharmaceutical or over the counter drugs like morphine, aspirin, cocaine, acetaminophen, opiums.
Dose 50-100g ==Adults.
10-25g = Children
  • Can also be used in treatment of food poisoning.
  • It also alleviate uncomfortable gas and bloating that causes discomfort after a meal.

Used in Treatment Of Alcohol Poisoning

Activated charcoal binds to the chemicals and artificial sweeteners in alcohol reducing the effect and prevent hangovers. But it does not absorb alcohol.

  • Used in management of individual with signs of acute alcohol poisoning ( repeated vomiting, seizures, loss of balances, confusion, cold clammy hands, stupor)

Use as an Antiaging Agent

Aging is a natural phenomenon as we expose ourselves to toxin from food, home, workplace and our environment.
Activated Charcoal prevents the cellular damage to vital organs like kidney, liver and adrenal glands. It helps to flush out the toxins and chemicals that adds up to damage.
Take 2 capsule per time per day after exposure to heavy toxin or on your detox day.
It also reduces bad cholesterol in the body as well as promote good cholesterol

What are Side Effects

  • Dehydration is the commonest if one doesn’t take much water
  • Excessive skin and scalp dryness if used too frequently
  • Drug interaction when taken at same time, take drugs, meals or supplements 30 min – 2 hrs after Activated charcoal ingestion.
  • Extra caution should be applied with people that have intestinal bleeding, recent surgeries, chronic dehydration

Where To buy

When buying Look for the activated charcoal made from coconut shell or identified wood species that have ultra-fine grains (Like bamboo trees or pees)

Avoid Activated charcoal with sweetners.

Question of the day

What other benefits of activated charcoal have you experienced?

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