Autism And Learning

Autism And Learning

Autism And Learning

It is important that every teachers knows their pupil or student individually and rellate with each base on his/her uniqueness. When a teacher neglect knowin the state of each child, then he or she may perceive the autistic as been:

  • Attention Seekers
  • Disruptive in classes
  • He cannot sit well or being capable of learning.


Steps To Take as a Teacher In Helping The Autistic

  • Connect With The Mother
  • Have a heart to heart with the mother and ask for report,  assessment  and other things the child may have undergone
  • Make a List of the Child Strength,  because every child have strength, understand it and magnify it.
  • Understand How He learns and have  a behavior plan in place.
  • Set routines in teaching because one thesymptom of autism is repetitive routine.

In Reading

  • Use nonverbal interactive reading practice:
  • Run your finger just under the text as you read, then ask your child to do the pointing.
  • Ask him or her to turn the pages at the right time.
  • Give him/her some story props so he can act out the story as it unfolds.
  • Discuss stories using assisted communication like visual support

How to Be More Friendly With The Autistic

It is expedient that teachers teach other student the five core feature of Autism and how to manage it. Family members and friends should learn it too and join in the management of an autistic per
Everyone need to learn the specific skills of how to relate with the autistic person and how to help them calm down.

The Five Core Feature Of Autism Include:

Anxiety In Social It can be exhausting and stressful for autistic persons with the overload they end up feeling excluded and isolated
How To Help Them
Be interested in having them join you,  invite them to join you as much as they want to.
If they are struggling, offer some support while givin them time.

Anxiety in Unexpected Changes: The world can be so unpredictable, confusing and this is overwhelming for them. So they tend to do better with routines
How To Help Them
Give them warning ahead before you make any changes in their rooms,  chairs,  school bags etc
The best way for the autistic person to deal with unexpected changes into expect them.

Sensory Overload
They can be sensitive to lights,  sound,smell and sights.
How To Help Then
Make some space and cut out some excesses.  Avoid too much taking,  dim glaring light and turn down loud music.

Meltdown: When they get overwhelmed by everything around them, they may shout l,  scream or cry.
How To Help Them
If you are present and this happened, try not to judge and be patient with them. Ask calmyk if they are okay. Give them space to recover

Processing Time :
They feel they are getting too much information and may need time to filter through information
How to To Help Them
Give the a minute, ask gently calmly and wait for an answer
If they don’t respond, try rephrasing or writing it down.

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