Your Roadmap to a healthy 2019

Your Roadmap to a healthy 2019

It’s a new year,  new season and another time to live life to its fullest.

Being  healthy is the first form of wealth and should be embraced.

Living healthy is a deliberate practice just like falling in love, making money,  planning a family and or planning your life.

It’s popularly said “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

This statement is truth also as it applies to our health.

Health Plan

Take a moment now to imagine yourself when you are 80 years

What lifestyle do you see?

Would you be able to walk without support or be dependent on your children?

Would you still remembers your children’s name and the fun memories you shared?

Would you still see clearly or be suffering from partial or total blindness?

Would you live a life dependent of medications daily,  frequent hospital visit for regular check ups?

Would your kidney be useful or it would depend on dialysis for cleansing?

Have you ever imagined yourself reach 50, 60 or 70 years?If you have plans to live that long and I know you do, what are your health plans?


Health Plan


Having a health plan makes you know when you are making progress or derailing in your health. Especially when you know the danger signs of chronic diseases.

Habits that lead to development of Chronic diseases

  • Not planning your meal and health routine.
  • Unhealthy diet like taking Sugar, sugary foods, white rice and flour. 
  • Frequent eating of restaurant foods and fast food.

Having a health plan will help you prevent chronic diseases

What is Chronic Disease

Is any disease that persist over a long period of time, creating dependence of a person on a drug, health machine or people.

Examples include:

  • Heart diseases like Coronary heart disease due to atherosclerosis of the vessel and Stroke.
  • Respiratory Diseases like COPD, Asthma.
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney Disease

There are many but these are the most common diseases out there.

Health Plan

Some Fact about Chronic Disease from WHO

  • Chronic disease are the major cause of death and disability.
  • It was estimated by WHO that Chronic disease took over the lives of 35 million people both young and middle age by 2005
  • Number of people dying from. Chronic disease is double that of infectious disease (HIV, tuberculosis & malaria) Nutritional deficiency and maternal and perinatal disease combined.
  • Most chronic disease can be prevented when diagnosed early


How to know if you will develop chronic disease in  future

  • Chain Smoker
  • Chronic Alcoholic
  • A Family history of any chronic disease without any preventive measure
  • Stressful Life
  • Unhealthy diet (lots of sugar and refined carbohydrate)
  • Raised blood sugar
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Abnormal blood lipid
  • Obesity

This all points to the fact that prevention is the first form of cure.

In the role of preventive medicine, your role is more important than your doctors role.

Achieving a truly healthy life and a disease free life start from creating a healthy plan.

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How To Create a Healthy Plan

  • Have a written healthy goals like
    • I will lose 10kg of my current weight size by August 2019.
    • I will develop a healthy eating pattern.
    • I will be energetic,  productive and of high spirit in 2019.


  • Take a timeout to plan your next 10 year,  5 year and 1 year. If you have never had a health plan, just start with a 3 month plan and upgrade it. Have a book and a pen. Be holistic in your plan, include the following
    • Meal plan: The first step to have in control over your body is having control over what you eat.

      Avoid excess of restaurant food and fast food and eat more of cooked well prepared food. This will help nourish your body as well as save cost and put you in control of what enters your body
      Plan your meal weekly and it include healthy fats moderate protein little carbohydrates more of vegetables and fruits  


  • Research on the right kind of food for you.
  • Work with your doctor or a dietitian to develop a plan for you.
  • Plan your food in advance and make them available in your store.
  • Go for Routine examination and Medical Check Up : The best form of prevention of chronic disease is early detection.
    • Breast Examination : Self breast examination should be done monthly.
    • PAP smear: This will help early detection of cervical cancer. If you are above 18 years and not yet sexually active then vaccinate against cervical cancer
      • If you are sexually active and the PAP smear shows negative,  vaccinate,  if positive begin treatment immediately with your doctor.
  • Plan your exercise : When you include your exercise routine in your daily plan, it will be easier to exercise. Exercise at least 3 times a week’s like cardio, HIT training, yoga, brisk walking, jogging. Have an accountability partner.


    • Plan a healthy Quality Time with your Partner or loved ones : Studies have shown that a healthy love life leads to fewer depression and substance abuse, low blood pressure, less anxiety, natural pain control & body healer and excellent stress management.


  • Plan an active and adventurous vacations with Events : Taking an adventurous vacation keeps your mind sharper, less stress develops a healthy family bonding, lowers blood pressure and help you to aspire to live life more and you tend to live longer. Activities like hiking,  rock climbing, sky diving etc.
  • Plan the nourishment of your Spirit man: Prayer, meditation and a full knowledge of the person of Christ is the best health nourishment for your spirit,  souls and body.

Several studies have confirmed that people who stay in tune with their divine nature have improved self control (1), cope with stress better (2),turns on disease fighting genes (3) combat depression (4) and promote longer life (5). Prayer and meditation on the word of God connects you to the divinity inside of you. Pray daily and meditate.


  • Keep your plan in front of your eyes and review it weekly or monthly.


  • Enrol in a support community : When you have people holding your hands, they bring you closer to your goal. I have a community of like minds on Facebook Group who hold each other accountable and support us to reach a healthy goal. This group is meant bring out the health in you.

There you have it.  I hope you got value

Which one plan will you implement immediately, Let me know.

Do you have a health related question drop it below.


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