Visual Support In Autism

Visual Support In Autism

The Importances of Visual Support in Autism cannot be over emphasized.
Visual support for the autistic makes communication easier,  consistent and physical rather than spoken words which are usually inconsistent.
Like short videos, photography,  coloured pictures, line drawing, symbols, written words
When choosing a visual support,startwith one and stick to it. Tell friends and family to use same methods in communicating with the autistic.

Use colour cards like
Yellow Card for when they want to go to the bathroom
Purple card for when they are hungry, or stressed,
Use card to create daily timetable,  schedule,  routine and rewardsof task accomplished.

  • Introduce this visual support methods gradually and personalized it to their uniqueness.
  • Place them where they are easy to find, prominent places and at eye level.
  • In any case that you want to chaange the method of visual support, tell the autistic in advance

Here are some sites with fantastice visual support ideas and format you can use. print it out and use for your child.

Examples of Basic Speaking Visual Support

Examples Of Picture Cards To Usein supporting the Autistic

Visual Support also help them in making choices. Examples of choice card are listed here

Visual support also help to communicate effectively in relationships skills like hugging, laughing etc.

In Summary

Visual support uding the colour codes or cards and picturehas been proven to increase the communication of the autistic.


Question of the day?
What visual method do you use to support your autistic child or Adult?


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